Crafting 101


Crafting 101: Tutorials and Tips is a Silhouette Cameo guide and tutorial book offered by Healthy Home and Kitchen. The scope of the project was to take prewritten tutorials along with images and to turn it into an eye-catching guide book for crafters. The book is offered in both an electronic and print version, so the design had to translate from screen to printing press. After researching the existing tutorial books and general feeling of the products, I choose a handmade feeling that still had a sense of mechanical precision since that is what the Silhouette Cameo is all about. Topped off with a very bright accent color that is used as a hierarchal element to help crafters easily locate important information throughout the book. At the conclusion of each tutorial, tips and tricks card is presented to the user with final thoughts and an image of what the completed project should look like. These can be cut out and kept as a quick reference sheet for the user to refer back to while making the project instead of having to leaf through the book to find the correct page.