About Me

Behind the Scenes

More than just a fun loving designer. Also a visual story teller, creative thinker and all around lover of the arts. Raised in New England, I'm always looking for something new to work on and ways to continue growing as a designer.


While I have a knack for creating thing, above all I love working with and developing the concept that drives a project. I firmly believe that without meaning or a well thought out idea, a design is nothing more than a pretty image and communicates nothing. Because of this, I spend a lot of time with a pencil and lots of paper before I ever get to my computer.

I have a passion for branding and packaging design and a keen interest in web development and UX/UI. While detail orientated work like typeface design can drive me wild, nothing is more satisfying than seeing the end result come together to form a beautiful whole.

More info? View my resume here.


  • Obsessed with the movie "A Few Good Men"
  • Was a ballerina for 12 years
  • Fall in New England is my favorite time of year